What Is SaturdayNightLeftOvers (SNLO) ?
It Is A Group Of Very Talented & Funny Comedic Performers Who Have The Same
  Goal In Mind ..   Make People Laugh (Yea Right) Get Famous & Earn Rent.

We Are Not Quite Ready For Prime-Time (Who Says This)?
Remember The Saturday Night Live Original Members. We Are What                 SomeWould Say Are The Rejects / Leftovers.

Why Comedy ?
We Love Sketch & Stand-Up & Variety Shows. We Grew Up On Saturday Night Live, In Living Color, Mad TV Etc.. Technology & Sites
Like Funny Or Die & Youtube Have Opened The World Of Economic Production & Marketing And Getting Seen. Making Productions Digital Has
Opened The Gates To Stardom For Many Talented People..So We Here @SNLO Hope To As Performers Have An Outlet To Produce & Create Our
Own Work . We Want To Continue Growing As Performers & Future Writers,Producers,Directors As well As Create A Family & Pool Of Amazing Talent

What Type Of Content Will You Have?
Saturday Night Left-Overs Will Have Many Videos & Performances For The Entire Web To Either Love Or Hate. We Will Be A Variety
Site In Sorts. We Will Have Parody's, Digital Shorts, Fake Movie Trailers ,Music Videos, Impressions, Live Sketches, Blogs,Exclusive WebSeries etc..What Ever Our Group Thinks Is Funny Will Be On Here (that’s a scary thought) But Who Cares It's Digital,& Semi Easy To Produce With Todays

So in Summary
We Here @SNLO Want To Challenge The Rules Of Digital Comedy & Take Hollywood By Storm & Remove
              Judd Apatows Click. (Mafia Moment)                                                                                                                                    
Michael Ray Bower
         (Head Fat White-Boy In Charge)